A downloadable game for Windows

FtheBlocks is an Unreal Engine 4 game based on Bomberman. The goal was to learn UE 4 and to make a fun local multiplayer game perfect for video games nights between friends.

It's still an early alpha (0.2) so there might be bugs. The game is a freeware.

ALL THE ART ASSETS ARE PLACEHOLDERS (it's a nice way to say that the game is ugly for now).

Except the music. The music's awesome !

Current features :
-4 players local multiplayer
-Keyboard and joypad support (up to 4 joypads)
-Two players can share the keyboard
-Two players can share a joypad (up to 4 players with one PC, one keyboard and one joypad !)
-Three game modes : last man standing, deathmatch and paint
-Heat map
-Customize levels and add new ones by modifying Game.ini
-Different styles for the levels (two so far : regular et medieval)

There is no AI or online multiplayer so you need at least one buddy to play.

Official website

Install instructions

To install it, just unzip and run FtheBlocks.exe. It should automatically download any additionnal required third party software and you don't already have it.

The first time, Windows SmartScreen might freak out and try to block it. Just click on "more info" then on "run anyway". Then Windows might also ask for admin rights. Just say yes. Then the firewall might also freak out. It's because Epic is collecting metrics. Don't worry. I'm not doing anything crazy on your computer like installing a backdoor to spy on your My Little Poney addiction. I leave that to the NSA.


FtheBlocks0.2.zip 162 MB